Tissu Nidha


Your favorite fabric for Abaya’s! 😍
It is very light and flowing and has a slight semi-satin finish that is especially noticeable in the sun.
This fabric is widely used in the United Arab Emirates. The stitches are tight, and the fabric is very soft.
The Nidha can be worn in any season except for the cold ones who will have to opt for Caviary in winter ❄️
Beware of very light colors ℹ️  we recommend you always wear a skirt under your Abaya. To know that the opacity varies depending on the color ✅
Tissu Wool Peach


The wool peach fabric, a timeless! A classic that is suitable for all types of products unlike others. Microfiber is a textile fiber of synthetic origin (100% polyester). It is a material permeable to water and on the contrary impermeable to air.

It ensures rapid absorption and drying ✅
We use it to make Abaya as well as Khumur… it doesn’t slip on the head and is not heavy. On the contrary it is very soft and light perfect for all seasons.
Matte finish and fluidity assured 👍🏽
Note that the wool peach is very appreciated because of its excellent ratio/quality price 🥇
Tissu Caviary


The star of fall/winter 🍁 ❄️  a fabric very appreciated for its fluidity and its tight knit that makes the fabric very resistant. This fabric keeps warm while remaining light and fluid. It is also almost wrinkle free 😍
Our Caviary can be worn in winter as well as in summer. It will depend on your ability to withstand the heat.
However, many women in Morocco wear it without any problem. That’s why we recommend it in all seasons ✅
Tissu Mousseline


Chiffon is a fine, transparent, and wispy fabric. It is woven with fine loosely woven threads. This fabric is very fluid, airy and light. It is transparent and cannot be used alone and without being lined.
We use it mainly for the confections of Khumur Flowy 2 veils. And we make sure to double the front and back of the Khimar so that they meet the requirements of the veil legislate.
This fabric is very popular in all seasons for its lightness at the head and will be a perfect ally for the summer if the wool peach is too heavy for you. Our muslin is resistant but beware of snags.


In general, the lighter the fabric, the faster it wrinkles. The one that wrinkles the least remains unquestionably the Caviary.
For the rest, we advise you to hang your Abaya and Khimar on hangers and in sha Allah you will not have this problem. Don’t wash your clothes at too high a temperature and with too many clothes in the drum to prevent them from wrinkling further.
⚠️ We recommend you to wash all these fabrics at 40 degrees ⚠️