Dar Al Iman's values, living your dreams by helping our community

Maybe this story is yours? This need to satisfy the Almighty, to do his duty, to change our lives, pushed us to leave France. We are a small banal couple, for whom leaving had become vital, an indisputable need, it was necessary. After all, if some do, why not us? On paper everything was simple. But you know as well as we do, that we have little control in our short existence.

Once gone, how to stay?

In 2018, we moved to Egypt. We had to find a way to live in the land of Islam, to provide for ourselves. By weighing the "pros" and the "cons", we decided to embark on the sale of Mastour ready-to-wear and Islamic products. 

Open a maktaba online, to offer members of our community everything that Muslims need. Our goal is simple: to nourish your faith by following the Qur'an and the Sunnah, to nourish your body with natural products, or to dress Mastour with the jilbeb brand As Salafiyat. 

Have you ever woken up one day, with that feeling of unfinished?

We have found our way. This adventure pushed us to want to concretize something that resembles us, with this little experience acquired. This is how our own ready-to-wear brand Mastour was born: Al Mouslimate. Now our ideas have become crystal clear. Every member of our community must be able to buy from us, without any brakes. Our goal is to offer quality products, at a fair price. 

New beginning …

A desire, a need, pushed us to make this new big change, to settle in Morocco. It was also an opportunity to seize, to open our own tailoring workshop. Managing from A to Z, making our own choices, with our seamstresses, a dream! The colors, the fabrics, in all honesty we did not count our hours to offer the little girls and women of our community good products. 

With our Dar Al Iman shop, we are committed to offering you Al Mouslimateproducts, both simple but very well worked. Now we are able to control every collection, every finish. We carefully follow our community's feedback on our products. Conditions made possible thanks to our team of seamstresses that we pamper.

Dar Al Iman, between you and us

Today, you know a little bit about our history. The Al Mouslimate brand is the result of our efforts, and also allows many families to support themselves. And all this was only possible thanks to Allah aza wadjal, and then thanks to you. The values of the Qur'an and the Sunnah are dear to us. You will find at Dar Al Iman, quality products, at affordable prices. In short, everything that is the reflection of the Muslim, in his life and in his actions.